Wednesday, October 6, 2010


If you're strictly familiar with the Hammer Studios brand of horror, there’s enough common connective tissue between your average Hammer flick and this Tigon Pictures production to make you feel at home. "The Creeping Flesh" contains a familiar atmosphere, courtesy of Director Freddie Francis; that seemingly rich period decoration, which makes a Hammer film so warm, is stronger than ever; and certainly the presence of both Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee really bridge the gap. More Victorian Sci-Fi with a primordial twist here, Cushing plays a paleontologist in possession of a monstrous skeleton that has potential relevance to the foundation of man… and evil! The thing gets wet and the flesh comes back and a lot of cool, bad shit happens. Great vibey Sci-Fi horror that’s beautifully shot by Francis, who is without a doubt one of the greatest DPs to ever set foot behind a camera. Francis would later go on to work for the likes of David Lynch on films like “The Elephant Man.” What makes films like these remarkable are that they were produced fairly quickly and with smaller budgets, and yet they look rather lavish. The modern film industry would benefit tremendously if they'd examine exactly how many of these studios functioned.

Here's a scene from the film. Had a trailer up for a while, but I'm pretty sure a litigious prick put the fear of good into some poor soul on YouTube for promoting their product. That'll show him.

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