Sunday, December 5, 2010


Compiled by trash culture shaman Johnny Legend, the "Sleazemania" series was like a set of Psychotronic training wheels to my degenerate friends and I. These tapes, along with Jonathan Ross's "Incredibly Strange Film Show," were my two stone slabs of gospel.

They were the divining rod which defined what cult was at a time when most video stores didn't even HAVE a cult section. Basically consisting of trailers sandwiched between odd-ball Drive-In ads, "Sleazemania" gave us a format that a lot of my friends and I would later use. Most of us had libraries we'd dubbed from the video stores in our areas, and from there we'd ghetto edit several features and dozens of fucked up trailers together onto an SLP tape using two VHS decks, like a mix-tape. Then we'd exchange the tapes through the mail, sharing films we couldn't find in our area. There was an element of friendly competitiveness amongst us, as each of us tried to out-do the other by compiling the weirdest, most fucked up shit they could.

I had almost completely forgotten about the "Sleazemania" stuff until I ran across the "Special Edition" tape at a sidewalk sale this weekend. Brought back some good memories.

Not from the Special Edition I don't think, but here's an example of some of the stuff you'd find on these tapes. Here's a trailer for the HG Lewis JD shlocker, "Just For The Hell Of It."

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