Monday, May 30, 2011


I felt the pulse of stress starting to wane, and so I threw another shovel full of coal into the furnace by starting a record label, Jolly Dream Records. Our first release is by local Austin band, Creamers. Available through Revolver and Matador Direct.

For me, this recording evokes the innocence of my punk obsessed adolescent days. It brings me to a state of nostalgia, but it's not at all cheesy or clich├ęd. It does not seek to justify itself through inane politics. It is just balls out snot, with some of the best vocals I've heard in years. I truly love this single, and I proudly stand behind it. If you're a fan of Killed By Death, seek this out. These guys will also be on tour at some point this summer.

For now, we're just going to be releasing quality singles. Our next offering will be by TN band Useless Eaters. Keep an eye on the Jolly Dream blog for updates.

Jolly Dream Records: CREAMERS - "MODERN DAY" 7": "CAT #: JDR-001 ARTIST: CREAMERS TITLE: Modern Day FORMAT: 7” 'A straight-forward, pissed-off snot rocket fired off from a garage haunte..."

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