Friday, September 10, 2010


The box says it all: “when Satan meets Selleck, the sparks really fly!” Don’t be fooled by the goofball reviews which write this one off as a simple skeleton in good old Tom’s closet, though. It certainly looks dated, which always accounts for a degree of camp, but for the most part it is a fully functional supernatural thriller that evokes an atmosphere of its own. The movie always left me feeling uneasy as a kid, but that might have something to do with the fact that Filipino people give me the fucking creeps.

Here, Tom plays an art historian who runs across an odd painting of a witch burning at some curio shop run by an Asian dude with a devil lock. Tom buys the piece primarily because one of the witches is the spitting image of his wife. When he gets the thing home, the thing starts throwing bad vibes.

I haven’t seen this in well over a decade, but I seem to remember the painting influencing Christina along with several other broads. The women slip in and out of a state of possession and do fucked up stuff, always coming out of it with no recollection of what they’ve done. Ultimately, we sort of get the impression that Christina and the other girls are maybe the reincarnation of the witches in the painting, out to avenge their burning.

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