Thursday, June 30, 2011


Is it just me, or does it seem in really poor taste to cast a kid with progeria in the part of an alien? Apparently Mickey Hays, a boy who suffered from the disease which prematurely ages you, wound up in this film thanks to the Make A Wish foundation. Hays had requested to star in a real Hollywood production, and so I guess they found him this role. I guess that's cool, but still it seems kind of fucked up to me. I mean, couldn't they have found him the role of an old person rather than a creature from outerspace? I'm not even trying to be tasteless here! That would have seemed more logical! In spite of the fact that "Aurora Encounter" qualifies as a true cinematic oddity, I think sitting through this might drain my powers. The story is based on the alleged Aurora, Texas UFO crash which occurred in 1897, when an airship collided into a windmill. While searching the debris, the citizens discovered the tiny body of what they presumed to be an alien, later dubbed "the martian pilot." This being was supposedly buried in the local Aurora cemetery, which remains a geographical point of intrigue and debate amongst skeptics and UFO enthusiasts.

Thanks to OurManInHavana for the trailer.

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