Thursday, June 2, 2011


This is actually the sequel to the 1990 snoozefest, "Omega Cop," where Marchini's John Travis rides around in a Jeep rescuing ungrateful women from potentially rapey situations. In the first installment, we learn that the world has been turned into a post apocalyptic wasteland due to ecological disaster. Whoever wrote the script knew dick all about the topic though, as the film treats the Greenhouse Effect like a disease that makes people lose their minds. The fight sequences are visual Xanax, and Marchini's just got nothing going on in terms of charisma. I'm reluctant to subject myself to "Karate Cop," but the trailer seems to have a lot more leather and metal studs, and the plot has something to do with a fighting arena. I'm really torn here.

Trailer courtesy of ActionPackedCinema.

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