Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It just occurred to me that I haven't updated this blog in over a month, which is ironic since Summer has always been my busiest season for movie watching. I am not a fan of what I like to call "the hell months." Since this Summer began, I seriously haven't watched much. As a teenager I used to spend most of the Summer in some cold, dark room with grocery bags of tapes borrowed from our local video store, Salzer's. This year, steady triple digits have turned our state into kindling. Our cowardly mail man has made himself scarce on any day that breaks 110, and the glut of tapes he's no doubt been stock piling in the back of his sweltering little Jeep have occasionally been heat-damaged.

So, my luck's been pretty bad in terms of tape hunting lately. In the meantime I've buried myself in work. A few of the people who know me pretty well are aware that I help produce hip hop videos. No shit. Here's one of the latest ones I worked on with my partner Donlee Brussel.

Not exactly my cup of tea, but it was a chance to film something. Donlee and I have two more videos ahead of us before the end of Summer, too. One of them is for a metalcore band, and will feature Scout Taylor-Compton. None of this is VHS related, I know, but I just wanted people to know what was up with me and why I'd slowed down on this sucker for the time being.

Once I'm a little less busy I'll pick up contributing to this blog again. In fact, in the tradition of the last bunch of Kickboxer entrees I did, I'm kind of thinking about doing a string of reviews on "Relentless" and its sequels.


  1. Hi Max! Glad to see you're still going strong. Is that project the book you mentioned a while back?

    Take care!

  2. Actually, we're slowly creeping toward filming a feature I wrote. Other than that I'm finishing up a new script. That book's been a pain in the ass to get rolling, and we're still looking for contributors, so if you're interested, hit me up. We're currently working on Active. The first book is simply going to encompass VHS companies beginning with the A's.