Monday, October 24, 2011


I was up at the crack of dawn yesterday and didn't get home until past midnight, so technically I did miss a day. In my head, two posts in one day will be a sufficient act of contrition.

This movie has a lot of illogical and unintentionally hilarious moments, but "The Car" has haunted me since childhood, and I absolutely love it. I think it also probably planted the seed which spawned my mighty hatred for cyclists. Every time I see some Lance Armstrong dickhead riding in the middle of a lane, just struggling to keep up and creating a traffic jam, I hear the far off call of the Car's horn from this movie.

The plot is ridiculously simple: a car that is seemingly possessed terrorizes a town's roads by heroically running over losers. That's about it. Everything bends to suit the concept, so at times the movie feels dream like. There is one amazing sequence when the car is stalking a woman who runs into her house to dial the police. The car then RAMPS through her house, killing her, and bursts through the back, landing on another road... as if the house were somehow constructed in the middle of a highway or something. Completely bizarre and hilarious. But still, it's effective and really fun. Trespasses forgiven.

People always ask me if I could remake a movie, what would it be. The idea of remakes is always kind of pointless to me unless you're going to actually improve on something. While I think this movie works overall, I always say I would remake this movie simply so that I could film the book's finale as written in the movie's novelization.

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