Sunday, October 16, 2011


I'm actually there haven't been any recent films based on the Golem myth. Though now that I've said this I'm sure one will be announced any day now, because I am just that paranoid and arrogant. This particular movie was shot in 1966, and it makes the most of a contemporary setting. This is almost a fish-out-of-water horror flick, and there simply aren't enough genre films styled after "Encino Man" if you ask me. Seriously though, can't someone do a decent budget film where a Golem protects a deli from Neo Nazis in a shitty neighborhood?

In "It!," the irresistible Roddy McDowall plays the conflicted Arthur Pimm, who finds himself in control of an ancient, indestructible statue of mystical Jewish origin. Pimm is initially a somewhat awkward and likable character, but once bestowed with control over the incredibly powerful Golem he starts to lose it a little. This is a surprisingly well made film from Herbert Leder, the man behind such films as "The Frozen Dead," "The Candy Man," and the ball-crushingly terrible "Doomsday Machine." Not sure what happened here, but this is much better than any of his other efforts. This is a well-shot, character-driven British horror flick with ample mod flavor that compels from start to finish. Well worth your time.

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