Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Excuses, Excuses...

Been a while, I know, but my absence is not without good purpose. Foremost, since I last posted, a lot of my time has been absorbed by a search for proper accommodations. The townhouse I currently live in just isn't getting it done. Not only has my collection exceeded my den's capacity, but it's like the Pharaoh's curse up in here. Seriously, we have dead rats in the walls, our living room floods whenever it rains, the water smells like hemoglobin when it IS running, and I can't handle the pack of smelly Nigerians who blast disco at 7am while they boil dead monkeys. However, we may have found just the right place to contain the Tower of Fundon, so hopefully within the next few months we should be making a big move.

Plus, I thought it might be a good idea to give the blog a break after the 31 consecutive posts in October. For some reason, the constant posts killed my traffic. I went from a pretty high average to just 5 hits a day for a while. Now that the numbers are back up, I figured it might be safe to return to a regular posting regiment.

Haven't had a ton of expendable income to spend on tapes, and the vampires on eBay seem savvy to the growing popularity of this hobby, so I haven't had the usual volume of stuff coming in. Still, the last four months haven't been bad, with quality prevailing over quantity.

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