Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This was an odd but welcome Something Weird bonus tape that came in a large horror lot I won on eBay. Directed by Doris Wishman, the godmother of the 1960s nudist craze in exploitation cinema, "Gentleman Prefer Nature Girls" has aged into a tame, campy romp that evokes a fuzzy, nostalgia rather than boners. Stuff like this is great party fodder, particularly for the Shag-obsessed.

Realtor Tom is about to close the deal with some big-shit client when his boss uncovers his dirty little secret: he's a nudist! Tom gets the pink slip and decides to head down to his favorite nudist colony to take his mind off his troubles, where he discovers that the big-shit client is also into being "free." Together, they hatch a plan to expose Tom's ex-employer to the joys of nudism and ultimately get his job back.

Here's the first eight or so minutes of the feature.

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