Saturday, February 4, 2012


This will always linger in the shadow of "Maniac Cop," and that is to this film's advantage. Otherwise, it might be all but forgotten. The only things these two films have in common is that they are both horror films, and the antagonist is a law officer. The tone and quality of Lustig's "Maniac Cop" is light years beyond "Psycho Cop" though. It's like comparing "Police Academy" to "The Onion Field." They are both animals that walk on four legs, but one is a mammal and the other lays rotten eggs. This isn't a great film, but the makers were definitely self-aware with respect to what KIND of film they were making. This is very obviously intended to be a fun B-movie, and it has its moments. Not great, but adequate. Shockingly, despite my undying hardon for sequels, I have never seen "Psycho Cop 2."

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