Thursday, July 22, 2010


John Frankenheimer directed a martial arts movie starring Toshirô Mifune, and choreographed by Steven Seagal. That’s just bonkers. I'd seen the title in Frankenheimer's filmography before, but I was completely unaware of the details surrounding "The Challenge" until I rescued this tape from underneath a pile of bullshit Suzi Quatro (fuck you, you don't even get bolded) records this week. It's currently at the top of my must-watch list, so if any of you jerks in the vicinity are interested, grab a 12-pack and get your asses over here.

Scott Glenn stars as a failure of a human being who is enlisted to courier a set of war relics, and ends up caught between two feuding brothers. One represents modern, corporate Japanese ethics, while the other abides by the old school Samurai set of ethics. Glenn immerses himself in the ways of the ancient warrior, and sort of redeems his manhood in the process. Not sure why, but what little I’ve seen of the movie kind of reminds me of "The Destroyer" pulp novels. Maybe it's because I wish this is how the Remo Williams movie had been done. By the way, they're apparently rebooting Remo, so prepare to hear me bitch about that any day now.

A lot of the clips I’ve seen from this movie look completely batshit. Here’s one of them. The title, “sword vs. stapler” should say it all. Special thanks to for putting this clip up.

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