Monday, July 26, 2010


Great independent record label Tic Tac Totally contacted me to let me know they were interested in making a foray into the world of publishing. For their first attempt, they wondered if I might be interested in assembling a book based around this blog. I was a little overwhelmed by the prospect, but I figured, "what the shit." After all, anxiety is the elixir of youth.

After taping an outline together, I got the thumbs up from Matt, and it looks like this thing is a go. So, I am currently looking for people interested in contributing film reviews to the project.

The book will focus on over 30 film distributors, with a chapter dedicated to each company. The chapter will include a distro history, a complete filmography, review section, and conclude with full-color box art spreads. A few people have already stepped up to the plate, but in order to make this as big as we'd all like it to be, we're going to need help.

If you're interested in contributing to the book, please drop me an email at

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