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Oedipus wrecks shit in this sexploitation slasher directed by master of the fucked Jess Franco. This one is a little better put together than the bulk of his other films. Nevertheless, it’s still crammed with awesome sexual depravity and visceral violence. The story expands on the ripper myth, featuring a seemingly docile doctor with mommy issues who tears through prostitutes with relish by night. But perhaps the most worthwhile aspect of this film is that Klaus Kinski plays the Ripper.


I may eat a lot of crap, but occasionally I break a tooth on a diamond. I didn’t have high hopes for this Interglobal Home Video release. I was expecting to enjoy "Long Weekend" on an ironic level based on the box art, which boasts deceptive use of scale. What I got was an incredibly taught work of suspense. Shockingly, every single aspect of this film is legitimately strong. I’m a little astonished that this was a complete accidental discovery, and that it's not more heavily lauded by serious horror fans. This should easily stand as one of Australia’s prouder cinematic exports.

An emotionally strained couple disrupts the serenity of the wild with their domestic tension when they take a camping vacation. Generally showing disregard for their environment, nature eventually strikes back and the couple are soon in peril. It’s kind of like a subtle cross between "The Giving Tree" and "Deathwish." The film creeps rather than leaps out at you. It’s the presentation more than the events themselves that leave you with a sense of unease.

I did a little digging around for more information on this particular release, and ran across some information from the fantastic Critical Condition site, run by Fred Adelman. He mentions that several Interglobal releases actually cut off mid film. Apparently, "Long Weekend" was one of them. He'd personally returned the film after purchase only to find the two other available copies also cut out. Oddly, my copy actually plays all the way through.


I was digging through a box of VHS that came into a friend’s Game shop this past week when I ran across an absolutely MINT copy of this Paragon release from 1984, still shrink wrapped, and without any fade or wear. I don’t think I’ve seen anything this pristine in a while. It was really cool to see the packaging in all its original vibrancy.

I wouldn’t say this is the finest out of its respective genre, but I certainly want it to be because it has such a phenomenal cast, including Jack Nicholson, Cameron Mitchell, Harry Dean Stanton, and Bruce Dern. There’s a lot of interesting social conflict just beneath the surface of this one, and I actually think the story is pretty good. The execution on the other hand leaves a lot to be desired. Still, it achieves atmosphere, and there are some unintentionally funny moments, which is really saying something when you consider that biker rape is kind of the centerpiece here.


Someone actually stole this from me, and I finally got another copy. I really hope they watched this movie, and perhaps learned something from it. It might save their lives. Because if I ever find this person intend to punch their teeth through their asshole.

This movie has been accused of riding the coattails of “The Street Fighter," but it's a fucking sequel. That's the entire goddamn point of MAKING a follow up. Seriously, what a weak ass argument. That's like getting mad at your infant child for hanging around the house too much. This movie may be unanimously trampled by die-hards of the original, but I happen to like it just a pinch more. Granted, it's not as dark and the violence lacks some ketchup, but the ass kicking is hyper belligerent. There’s one scene where Chiba punches a dude so hard in the back of the head that his eyeballs pop out. What the fuck are these people complaining about?

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